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What is the Organic Vegetable Project?

The Organic Vegetable Project (OVP) is located in Chico, California at the California State University of Chico Farm. We are a CCOF certified organic three acre unit. We produce vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers.


We offer a CSA program mid April through December, with no annual fee, catered to the university community.  We hold two weekly CSA distributions at the University Farm on Nicholas C. Schouten Lane where the public can purchase produce as well. We supply produce to the Hungry Wildcat Pantry on campus which makes it available to students in need.

We foster a strong bond between the university population and the farm. Our three goals are research, education, and feeding the community. We strive to connect the community, students, and staff to local, organic produce. 

A little more about us...

The OVP began in 2009 as a grant funded project completely operated by the students, faculty, and staff of California State University, Chico. We operate with the help of a student crew including interns and volunteers. Our three goals at the OVP are to educate, feed the community, and conduct research to grow, evaluate, and identify promising new vegetables to help local farmers.  We cater our CSA shares to the members of our university community, providing fresh organic produce to members mid April through mid December.

The project was initiated through funding from the Earl Foor Foundation, CSU Chico Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD), AS Sustainability Fund, and the CSU Agricultural Research Initiative (ARI). We have been lucky to receive substantial grant funding to expand the OVP's operations over the years.  Beginning summer of 2017 we will be operating on the support of our CSA members contributions in exchange for shares each week during the growing season.  We plan to improve the quality and consistency of our products and expand the number of available CSA shares in the coming years.  


Our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) is a model of farming that links consumers directly with the farmer.  Members of our CSA will enjoy part of the Organic Vegetable Project (OVP) harvest by receiving a share of fresh seasonal vegetables, flowers, and herbs each week April through December. The OVP occasionally hosts workshops and fall/spring field events. 

We work closely with the campus "Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry" in order to bring all students organic local produce regardless of their income. Each week we deliver our excess produce to the campus food pantry. Our produce is then given to students dealing with food insecurity, free of cost. 

Find out how to join our CSA under our CSA Program page!

Read about us in the news!

Chico News and Review "Filling the gap and bellies: Pantry programs address problem affecting nearly half the student body: food insecurity"  May 2017

Christian Science Monitor "California boosts efforts to stamp out hunger on campus" March 2017

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